Here are the next steps for the reconfinement of the All Saints holidays

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Here are the next steps for the reconfinement of the All Saints holidays

Last spring, containment was put in place throughout France. An event that citizens are not ready to forget for their suffering.

A sharp increase in the number of Covid-19 cases

But for some time now, rumors about the reconfiguration are starting to gain momentum. Indeed, it would seem that the reconfinement will be decreed during the All Saints holidays. In recent weeks, the number of Covid-19 cases has been increasing day by day. Faced with the situation, the State took restrictive health measures. For this, a new reconfinement during All Saints' Day is feared by the French. But is it really possible?

If the All Saints holidays begin on October 17, professionals in the tourism sector are pessimistic. Indeed, since its very beginning, the health crisis has not ceased to generate a terrible crisis. economic.

What about the re-containment during All Saints?

As for the possibility of reconfinement during All Saints' Day, opinions are divided. While some doctors find this idea very favorable, others find it ineffective. While in recent weeks, the numbers of people infected have continued to increase. If we only spoke in recent days, more than 20 people have been contaminated by the virus. But also, the number of occupied intensive care beds is on the rise.

According to Anne Souyris, assistant to the mayor of Paris at the microphone of the newspaper Le Parisien, re-containment is possible because of the situation which is becoming very alarming every day. Recently, the President of the Republic also affirmed the possibility of new restrictions on French territory. Added to this, during his speech on October 7, Emmanuel Macron did not speak of re-containment for the All Saints holidays, either at the local or national level.

For his part, the Minister of Health, Olivier Véran has not yet mentioned the re-containment. Therefore, the re-containment during the celebration of All Saints' Day remains a hypothesis.

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