Profile of Ludovic Bertin, the young man who admitted having killed Victorine Dartois

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Profile of Ludovic Bertin, the young man who admitted having killed Victorine Dartois

Victorine Dartois was the young student who was murdered. Indeed, two days after her disappearance, Victorine's lifeless body was found in a stream. Recently, a new element allowed the gendarmes to arrest a suspect.

On Wednesday October 14, 2020, the Grenoble public prosecutor's office announced that a suspect in the Victorine Dartois case has been arrested. In addition, the name of the accused was even revealed: it would be a certain Ludovic Bertin. Indeed during interrogations, the young man admitted to having killed Victorine.

The confidences of the family lawyer

Faced with this new information, the lawyer for the Dartois, Me Kelly Monteiro, revealed that the suspect is not close to the family. However, she does not know if Victorine and her murderer knew each other. The murderer even confided in the reason he murdered Victorine. Presumably, Ludovic admitted that his actions were the result of a stampede. Words that do not convinced not the Dartois family. Moreover, according to the family lawyer, Victorine is not the type to get carried away after a stampede.

Who is Ludovic Bertin

Ludovic Bertin is a young father of 25. The young man was born on May 25, 1995 in Vénissieux. He is the penultimate of a sibling. Only at 9 years old, he had to deal with the disappearance of his father.

The young father is already known to the police and justice services thanks to his many crimes such as theft. There is also the carrying of weapons or the trafficking of Narcotics. Ludovic was forced to submit to an electronic bracelet for months because of a traffic offense. In 2019, the Lyon court sentenced him for burglary. When he became the owner of a small business, everyone thought he had left his past behind.

"He had everything to succeed, and try to turn the page of his past", one could read.

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