Jean-Pierre Pernaut's huge rant against Emmanuel Macron

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Jean-Pierre Pernaut's huge rant against Emmanuel Macron

During his 13pm newscast, Jean-Pierre Pernaut wanted to provide support to people of his generation. Comments that the journalist had made after Emmanuel Macron's speech on Wednesday, October 14, 2020.

Indeed, the Head of State had decreed a curfew to the great misfortune of young people. A decision taken to decrease the impending progression of covid-19. Between 21 p.m. and 6 a.m., citizens are therefore forced to remain confined to their homes.

A curfew decreed

Indeed, the curfew will be applied in the 9 largest metropolises in France. Something that Emmanuel Macron revealed during his interview with Anne-Sophie Lapix and Gilles Bouleau. Indeed, he decreed a partial confinement which will be painful for the people concerned, especially young people. However, the husband of Brigitte Macron has given a few words of support in this harsh curfew. According to the president, it's really difficult to be in your twenties in 2020. In addition, he added that it is these young people who are paying the price.

The rant of Jean-Pierre Pernaut

Despite this moving message of support from the President of the Republic, it was not unanimous among citizens. Indeed, Jean-Pierre Pernaut was the premier to express his reaction to his speech. In addition, a report aired on the channel suggested that young people might not follow the rules in order to have fun. A section that really shocked Jean-Pierre Pernaut.

"It's not easy to be 20 years old, neither 30, nor 40, nor 70 for that matter, I can tell you," revealed the host. A little message he sends to Emmanuel Macron who no longer cares about the elderly.

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