Egypt releases satirical blogger Shadi Abu Zeid

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Egypt releases satirical blogger Shadi Abu Zeid

An Egyptian blogger and satirist has been released after more than two years in detention.

Shadi Abu Zeid, 27, was arrested in May 2018 for spreading false information and belonging to a terrorist group.

His work focused on prejudice in matters of religion, sexuality and within the Egyptian family.

In recent years, hundreds of activists and bloggers have been convicted of spreading false news and aiding the now banned Muslim Brotherhood group.

Human rights groups accused President Abdul Fattah al-Sisi of overseeing an unprecedented crackdown on dissent after leading the army's overthrow of the first leader democratically elected from Egypt in 2013.

Abu Zeid began posting his satirical program, The Rich Content, on YouTube and Facebook in 2015.

It featured satirical commentary and street talks highlighting a variety of social issues, such as religious prejudice and sexual harassment.

His family posted a photo on showing found with his relatives after his release on Saturday.

He will still be on probation and will have to go to a police station every week.

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