The lifeless body of Pierre Boyette, a medical student who disappeared in June, found near Nancy

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The lifeless body of Pierre Boyette, a medical student who disappeared in June, found near Nancy

Pierre Boyette, a medical student, had been missing since June 2020. On Sunday October 4, 2020, the lifeless body of the young student was found in the woods of Villers-lès-Nancy (Meurthe-et-Moselle) . According to the publication of the Lorraine Actu newspaper, its bare was found hanged.

Very bad news

The death of the young student sounds like horrible news for the inhabitants of the town of Villers-lès-Nancy. Indeed, the remains found in the forest of the city are indeed that of Pierre Boyette. Information that the police officers affirmed on Actu France. Presumably, mountain bikers discovered the corpse of the 25-year-old. Surprisingly, he was hanging from a tree. Something that really shook the relatives of the victim.

Pierre Boyette, missing for four months

On June 9, 2020 in the afternoon, Pierre Boyette went to the store Decathlon located in Houdemont, a neighboring town. Subsequently, the young man no longer gave his news to his relatives. Showing no sign of life after a week, a police investigation was initiated in Nancy for distressing disappearance. A call for witnesses was launched in the vicinity of the city, but to no avail. And in July 2020, the police relaunched the search notice. Things that gave no news. And four months after this bizarre disappearance, a corpse was found hanged in the forest of Villers-lès-Nancy. Although DNA tests are in progress, all the elements suggest that it is indeed Pierre Boyette.

The reasons for the death of the young man

According to an article in Lorraine Actu, all personal effects found at the scene are the 25-year-old. At the moment, an investigation is being carried out to determine the circumstances of his death. However, the evidence gathered suggests a suicide.

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