Eddy Mitchell: why his first meeting with Johnny Hallyday almost went wrong

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The 7 October 2020, Eddy Mitchell took out his book The dictionary of my life, written with the help of his son Eddy Moine. This October 18, the singer of 78 years in full promotion is the guest of 20h30 on Sunday, broadcast on France 2, just like David Hallyday. Interviewed by The Point recently, Claude Moine, whose real name is, confided in Johnny Hallyday. Indeed in his last work, he mentions his long friendship with the rocker, which began in a completely original way.

"It all started with a slap", reveals Eddy Mitchell, before giving some details on this rather unexpected moment. “We ended up without knowing each other at a surprise party where everyone brought their records. I had 45s with me from Gene Vincent, Bill Haley, Little Richard. A few hours later, they had disappeared and I saw a guy at the bottom of the building with my records under his arm ”, he explains. Hot-blooded, he decided to act without shaping up. "Pissed off, I slapped him. His name was Jean-Philippe Smet. He was fifteen, I was sixteen ”, he recalls. Against all odds, the teens didn't stay angry and ended up "Sympathize" since they "Were not many to share this passion for rock".

Singers who shared the same scenes

"Our friendship was born from that moment and lasted fifty-nine years, without confusion", adds Eddy Mitchell with pride. As a reminder, their friendly relationship will have been more than solid since Johnny Hallyday was chosen to be the godfather of Pamela Moine, while the interpreter of Elephant cemetery has been appointed godfather of Laura Smet. The two artists got along so well that together they formed the trio of Old scoundrels, in 2014, with Jacques Dutronc.

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