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The one who presented herself as Bouteflika's daughter to obtain undue favors was sentenced on October 14. Back on an incredible saga.

When a squad of gendarmes under General Ghali Belksir (now on the run between Spain and France) landed this July 2019 at villa 143 located in Moretti, a seaside resort in the west of Algiers reserved for the nomenklatura, she had no idea that the tip delivered by an informant was going to be so valuable.

Inside this opulent residence which belongs to Madame Maya, whose real name is Nachinachi Zoulikha-Chafika, the gendarmes get their hands on a treasure. In one of the walls of the villa, the owner had stored 9,5 million dinars (630 euros), 000 dollars, 30 euros as well as 000 kilos of gold valued at 270 million d 'euros.

In a country like Algeria, where the minimum wage is 18 dinars (around 000 euros), this fortune acquired by a lady whom no one has ever heard of before this month of July 120 causes a mixture of disbelief, of disgust and anger within public opinion.

Colossal fortune

The shock is all the greater as the Algerians discover that the lady in question is the president's hidden daughter Abdelaziz Bouteflika, ousted from power in April 2019 after three months of protests that drained millions of people into the streets.

Already stunned by the amount of colossal fortunes amassed over twenty years by men close to the deposed president, they learn that the latter was hiding a girl who was obviously no less voracious.

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