The government's plan to revive the tourism sector in Cameroon

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The tourism sector is seriously affected by the health crisis linked to the Covid-19 pandemic. The report was made by the Minister of Finance (Minfi), Louis Paul Motazé, during a presentation on “the financial recovery of businesses and tourist establishments".

The Minfi spoke within the framework of the extraordinary session of the National Tourism Council chaired by videoconference by the Prime Minister (PM), Joseph Dion Nguté, on September 30, 2020. Meetings placed on the theme: "What measures to better support the revival of the tourism and travel sector with the lifting of certain restrictions due to the Covid-19 pandemic?»

Louis Paul Motaze indicated that the President of the Republic has, in view of the consequences of this crisis on the economy, prescribed the development of a support and recovery plan for the sectors affected by the pandemic.

Train of measures

The main measure already taken, notes the press release published at the end of the meeting by the Secretary General of the Prime Minister's services, is the suspension of the tourist tax on behalf of the second half of 2020. It will be extendable in 2021 in order to promote the recovery of businesses and establishments in the tourism sector.

As part of the preparation of the 2021 finance law, the Minfi announces a reflection on the possibility of totally exempting these same actors from the payment of corporate tax. According to the press release from the PM's services, other measures are being finalized, the impact of which will be felt in the medium and long terms.

He quotes in particular "the continuation of certain tax and customs exemptions to promote investments in the sector, support for the renovation of tourist sites and infrastructures and the establishment for the benefit of tourism companies of lines of credit at subsidized rates with a pool of banking institutions".


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