Midnight sweets - And yet we loved each other ... (part 1)

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Dear readers welcome to our section “midnight sweets” for our second column “and yet we loved each other…” it is about a couple who were the pride of all and yet who go their separate ways for lack of communication. sir and madam are madly in love with each other.

What will happen will they be able to endure this separation? Will they get back together to find out, meet on weekends on www.abidjanshow.com

And yet we loved each other ... (part 1)

- You know Ella, I'm sick of everything he's doing to me, it's decided this time it's the end. I don't think he loves me anymore. He has demonstrated this to me many times and it is not you who will tell me the opposite.

- I know my darling but you also do it slowly, I know that you still love her. Why do you want to hurt yourself by leaving him. I know you won't be able to take it. Calm down a bit.

- In any case this is his last chance he had like that and as his love for me no longer exists he did not care about everything I feel. It's decided I'll leave.

While Clara complained about Karl at her best friend and sister Ella, he on his side with Marco.

- You know Marco how much I love him, my wife. But I don't feel it lately. She's very distant from me. I wonder what I did to him. Doesn't she see another man? You alone can testify to the love I have for her. It's true sometimes I wanted to have fun but when I remembered her, her one image in my mind was enough for me to reject these girls. Why is she rejecting me in turn with my efforts to be the perfect man in her eyes? Why does the one I love so much make me suffer so much?

- It's true, buddy you're right, but that's the woman, eh, you never know why she gets angry and what she blames us even when we try to be well. In any case, I am very happy in my posture as a single man without commitment. No fuss. But try to calm down you're the man huh.

It had become there, the daily life of Mr. and Lady Kouma. Those whose love you saw shining in their eyes. He was known very young on the benches of the school in the 5th grade while they were in the same class. They never let go until their doctoral degrees. Their families were so proud of eu. They were an example to almost all other parents. And this has been their life for 2 years. What created this in this couple who were so perfect?


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