# COVID19: National seroprevalence survey Begins

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Public health officials have begun a national survey to check the Seroprevalence of COVID19 in Cameron's ten regions.

The exercise was launched by the Public Health Minister, Dr. Manaouda Malachie, on October 15 in Yaounde.

According to Dr. Fokam Joseph, a Virologist, Seroprevalence “is the number of people who are tested positive for a disease, based on antibody testing in their blood serums”.

For the next four months, public health officials will have to assess 90% of the population's knowledge and response to the Coronavirus, and how it circulates in the society.

With 21,430 confirmed cases, 673 active cases, 20,333 recoveries, representing 95% and 424 deaths, authorities are seeking to check behavioral changes aimed at improving response.

Given that the virus quickly spread to the community shortly after it was imported into the country, officials say it important to check the community's exposure to the virus. This will facilitate the search for the virus's location and adjustments of the national response.

Findings of the survey will also prepare health experts for future epidemics.

How will survey be carried out?

From Oct 16, mobile teams are expected to visit public places like schools, markets, shops, junctions, parks and churches where they will have exchanges with the public. Respondents are kids aged 5 and above, and adults. In order to screen respondents, they will have to consent. Public health authorities say it is an opportunity for people to be freely screened for # COVID19, especially those who have never done so.

Administrative authorities are tasked with ensuring security in public places, as well as mobilizing quarter heads who will educate their communities on the importance of the survey.

Kathy Neba Sina

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