Suspect arrested and taken into custody for Victorine's death

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Suspect arrested and taken into custody for Victorine's death

According to the latest news published by BFMTV and Dauphiné Libéré, a suspect in Victorine's death was arrested last Tuesday. This 25-year-old individual is suspected of having a link with the young woman's death.

Death of Victorine, an arrested suspect

After being heard by investigators from the research section, the individual 25-year-old was taken into custody last Tuesday around 15 pm Then, his home was searched by the police and investigators.

Indeed, according to the two sources, it would seem that the father of the family confessed his act. On the other hand, the Grenoble prosecutor's office has not confirmed this information.

However, the prosecution itself said Wednesday evening that the young man lives in Villefontaine. In fact, he is a neighbor of the young woman's family.

A guard at extended sight

For his part, the deputy public prosecutor, Boris Duffau had declared: "He is already known to the services of the gendarmerie and the justice system for various common law offenses". This led to the extension of his police custody by an examining magistrate.

However, the prosecution no longer wished to make any other comments in reason for secrets of instruction. But also, to keep the effectiveness of the investigation which is still in progress.

As a reminder, after two days of disappearance the body of Victorine, a young woman of 18, was found on September 28. Indeed, a lifeless body of the young woman was found in a stream of Villefontaine. But following an autopsy, it turns out that she had been drowned by a third party.

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