A gang of thugs in the gendarmerie trap in Matomb

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The trio of bandits is now even because one of them lost his life during the arrest by the gendarmerie.

The two bandiats of the group (c) Rights reserved

Populations of Matomb, a district of the department of Nyong and Kelle in the Center region will now be without fear after the arrest of the gang of thugs who forbade them to sleep.

Indeed, following the assault on Paul Henri Ngue, The mayor of Biyouha, stripped of all his belongings on the night of August 29, 2020, a campaign to fight against insecurity had been launched in the locality.

It is on October 15, 2020 that the first results are convincing: "At around 2:30 a.m., on the National N3 at a place called Carrefour Bananas, Matomb district, the elements of the Manguen 2 gendarmerie post of patrol neutralized a group of 3 thugs aboard the gray Toyota CE 452 BM vehicle containing Monseigneur pliers, knives, machetes, emergency kit. For the balance sheet, there was 1 unidentified death, 2 arrested (Nieukala Jaques aged 59 and Baliang Nicolas 27) ", A source informed the Nyong and Kelle gendarmerie company.

The action of the forces of the Order on the section can only draw cheers from the inhabitants in whose ranks, Hubert Nyobe son, mayor of the Municipality of Matomb «the Municipality firmly supports the security authorities. Every day, efforts are made, in concert with the administrative authorities, to ensure the protection of property and residents or passing people. Concerned about security, tranquility and peace in his area of ​​intervention, the Mayor would like to remind the populations to continue working in close collaboration with the police. "He rejoiced.

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