Sinead O'Connor "hungry": this phobia that prevents her from eating

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« I'm hungry“Sinead O'Connor posted on Twitter this Thursday. The 53-year-old singer confided in the social network about her agoraphobia which prevents her from going out shopping. " I've been secretly living with a case of trauma-related physical paralysis, acute low self-esteem for weeks, months, years and haven't been eating lately because it makes me so agoraphobic that I can't go shopping anymore. A message concerning for the followers of the singer. Without delay, many of them reacted, each offering their help as they could. " What can I do for you ? Deliver chicken soup? "," I can call you a delivery service "," If I lived nearby I would be happy to do your shopping“, Could we read among the comments. " Can anyone tell me if in Ireland there are meal delivery services for people with mental health problems whose ability to take care of themselves has been impaired? I could eat the fucking Lamb of God", Then inquired the singer who lives in a" very remote part From his native land, Ireland, specifying that his geographical location did not allow conventional deliveries to supermarkets or take-out meals. Fortunately, a few hours later, Sinead O'Connor seemed to have found a solution to her problem as she tweeted: " Everything is fine now. I found a meal delivery service. I am full and happy. "

His messages noticed on social networks

The interpreter of "Nothing compares 2 U" is not at his first message noticed on the networks. One of his most commented posts dating back to 2018, where, then recently converted to Islam, Sinead O'Connor announced thatshe didn't want "Never spend time with white people again". The one who had changed her name to be called Magda Davitt in 2017 and then Shuhada 'Sadaqat the following year had indeed declared on her account: " I am terribly sorry. What I'm about to say is so racist I didn't know my soul might ever think something like that. But I never want to spend time with white people again (if that's what non-Muslims are called). Never again, for any reason whatsoever ”, before concluding : "They are disgusting. "

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