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He is an entrepreneur who knows how to put words to the test. With a disarming freshness and admirable humility, Jean Lobé Lobé - totally in line with his time - dictates the good herbs where they should grow and aims to radically change the African health landscape. A permanent activator of improbable solutions, this Cameroonian, who has an acid aversion to queues in front of hospitals and whose projects impact the African social sphere, has invested in telehealth in order to promote community medicine, less formal , capable of giving back to man all his dignity.

Open and curious, this former account manager at Camair-Co (the Cameroonian airline) embodies the future of modern medicine in Africa. His modest success is above all the fruit of his perseverance. Jean Lobé Lobé could have been satisfied with his big salaries and lead a quiet life since he worked - in high positions of responsibility - in large companies. Human Resources Manager - West Africa department - for British American Tobacco, Financial Auditor at AUDICO (Audition and Accounting Corporation,…) but this "relaxed boss" - who organizes relaxation days every last Friday of the month with his employees - preferred to quit the corporate world 4 years ago because he did not want to continue "making someone else's dream". A desire for well-maintained and assumed independence that reflects his style: incisive and elegant.

In August 2016, a month after having put an end to his collaboration with British American Tobacco, he is active in participating in the economic development of the continent. Following on from this, he created the company named Hepting Holdings Ltd, specialized in portfolio management before making a 270 ° turn by founding in January 2020, his very influential start-up: WASPITO, a platform that engages the Africa in the conversation and action to provide health care and which therefore brings real added value in the health ecosystem by offering high-end services - such as home delivery of medicines or online consultation from a specialist doctor - accessible to all budgets.

This Oxford Brooks University applied accounting graduate, determined to shake things up in the medical world, has made mental health his main focus. It is also whispered that upon contact with it, the mentally ill find themselves in a state of somnambulistic fascination. A rare privilege, which he shares with his young and dynamic team of doctors.


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