Logging and subsistence farming slowed the growth of the primary sector in Cameroon in 2019

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Logging and subsistence farming slowed the growth of the primary sector in Cameroon in 2019

(Business in Cameroon) - Despite a slowdown in the pace, the growth of activities in the primary sector was still at the rendezvous in Cameroon in 2019. According to the report on national accounts, just published by the Institute National Statistics Office (INS), the growth rate in this sector was 2,8% last year, after reaching 5,1% in 2018.

This loss of 2,3 percentage points year-on-year is, according to the INS, the result of subsistence agriculture, then forestry and logging, two branches in which activities were less dynamic than in 2018.

Indeed, the report points out, growth in subsistence agriculture peaked at just 3,3% in 2019, after 5,1% a year earlier. As for silvicultural activities and logging, they slowed down sharply, losing just over 9 percentage points in 2019, going from 7,3% in 2018 to -2,7% in XNUMX. last year.

On the other hand, the INS report reveals moderate growth in the sub-branch of industrial and export agriculture (+ 0,7% in 2019), due, underlines the institute, to the upgrading production equipment by Sodecoton, reduction of post-harvest cotton losses, and the entry into production of new cocoa bean processing units in the country.

This is the case with the operator Neo Industry, located in the town of Kekem, in the Western region. With a production capacity of 32 tonnes, this plant, according to statistics from the National Cocoa and Coffee Office (ONCC), closed its inaugural campaign with 000 tonnes of processed beans.

This performance is at odds with that of Sic Cacaos, a local subsidiary of the Swiss Barry Callebaut. Thanks to the equally recent increase in its processing capacity (35 to over 000 tonnes), this operator crushed 50% (000 tonnes) of Cameroonian beans during the last cocoa season.

Brice R. Mbodiam

Source: https://www.investiraucameroun.com/agriculture/1610-15398-l-exploitation-forestiere-et-l-agriculture-vivriere-ont-ralenti-la-croissance-du-secteur-primaire-au-cameroun- in-2019

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