The State spends 1016 billion FCFA for the treatment of its staff in 2019

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According to the budget execution report, the State spent a total of CFAF 1016,9 billion for the treatment (salaries, bonuses, gratuities, etc.) of its staff during the 2019 fiscal year.

"Despite a 2,6% increase in the workforce resulting from a large volume of new cases, salary expenses were contained and amount to 959,8 billion”, Notes the document. Compared to 2018, the salary level remains almost stable, with a slight increase of 0,4%.

This stability of salary expenditure is justified by the operation of Physical counting of State personnel (Coppe), launched in 2018 and finalized in 2019. The Coppe, which led to the census of all public officials in activity, was marked by the suspension of more than 12 State personnel in February 500.

"These suspensions, which concern abandonment of workstations and deaths, have generated nearly 35 billion in annual budget savings”, Notes the report. This specifies that other personnel expenses (bonuses, gratuities, bonuses, etc.) have, during the same year, increased by 5,1 billion to settle at 57,1 billion.


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