Renaissance of Ngoumou: CFA Ventures Cameroon wants to change things. - Let's Talk Football 237

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At the start of last season, CFA Ventures Cameroon signed a multi-year sponsorship partnership with Renaissance de Ngoumou which is based on logistical support and

financial aiming to support the ambition of the club which is to find the Elite One.

This partnership materialized in the form of a donation of 50 balls, 50 bags, 7 sets of shirts, working equipment for training and a monthly endowment, the amount of which was not disclosed, which was to allow the club to assume their daily expenses.

After Rennes, Monaco and Montpellier in Ligue 1, Renaissance de Ngoumou therefore joined the long list of professional clubs that work in close collaboration with CFA Venture Cameroon, which aims to become a leading figure in sports management and sponsorship in the football landscape. Cameroonian. In the meantime, Ngoumou's club will have to focus on the goal again.


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