"Committed to peace" is invited to the free cine rights festival

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The launch of the 12th edition of the free cine rights festival took place on October 14, 2020 at the Goethe Institute. The theme of this 12th edition is:

"For elections Appeased ”. This year, the festival received the support of the European Union and the Magic System foundation associated with the event as part of the festivities of the caravan. "Committed to peace".

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The festival will end on October 17 in Koumassi after many screenings exploded in the city. The Goethe institute, the Abobo Sabgé institute, the French institute are on the program of the broadcasts planned by free cine rights.

During the launch today, the public was treated to a film screening on the 2015 presidential election in Burkina Faso demonstrating the fair play of the candidates.

the president of ciné connexion, YACOUBA SANGARE, after thanking the partners, justified the choice of the theme which participates in the sensitization of the populations before the next presidential election.

During this festival week, there will be screenings, debates, workshops and panels.

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