Protesters storm Cyril Hanouna's plateau, a fight breaks out

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Protesters storm Cyril Hanouna's plateau, a fight breaks out

Since the arrival of the coronavirus in the world, everything has changed. In the case of television broadcasts, like Cyril Hanouna's TPMP on C8, the start of the school year was very eventful for the team.

Indeed, this epidemic has generated many changes in all areas. The Covid-19 has forced many governments to declare a state of health emergency hence the confinement.

A confinement that changed everything

The confinement had a positive impact on the disease, but created a huge global economic crisis and obviously on our country as well. Even today, the restaurant and entertainment industry is severely affected. Moreover, the steps taken by the government did not help matters. But behind these troubled professions are many people who risk losing everything in the blink of an eye. Indeed, several establishments risk shutting down and putting employees out of work.

TPMP, the call for help of the desperate

Indeed when we lose hope and think that no one is listening to us, we decide to make ourselves heard differently. Suddenly, a few days ago a good number of demonstrators stormed the entrance to the studio where TPMP was filmed. Therefore, the security of the box had to intervene so that it does not take a disproportionate proportion. But this was not the will of the demonstrators and Cyril Hanouna quickly understood it. Indeed, they just wanted to speak to express their dismay. Thus, the host Cyril Hanouna gave them free rein at the microphone.

Subsequently, the demonstrators spoke of the working conditions they are experiencing at the moment. The impact of the health crisis on them. Words that strongly moved the great Baba. Suddenly, Cyril Hanouna invites them to a show a few days later to go into details.

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