CHAN 2021: serenity does not reign in the Lions' den

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In view of the criticisms that fall on the technical staff of Lions A 'led by Clément Arroga, one is entitled to wonder if this search for a scapegoat is really justified. There is a certain elegance to be kept when leading a group of people. Eight Lions A 'players were sent back to the club in the aftermath of a match where their performance was clearly questioned. And five others joined the group almost the day before an international friendly match. In terms of appearance management, it is a failure even if the message that the breeder would have wanted to convey is that no one has a land title in his selection.

So what about all those who have a lot of quality, some even say that they are the best at their job, but who have been ignored in the plural by Clément Arroga ? What about club players who diverge (politically) with the current Fécafoot executive, or players who do not belong to their clan of players' agents who are marginalized from this selection for reasons other than their intrinsic qualities? ?

The ongoing battle between the Professional Football League of Cameroon and the Federation does not really help matters. In exactly three months will take place the African Nations Championship which the country of Roger Milla is organizing. The main players, the players who will defend the colors of the Nation, have no match in legs. If the start of the next season is announced for October 31, we are entitled to wonder about the ability of the League to keep this date in view of the hostilities between the club presidents, under the influence of Fécafoot , and their own League.

Regarding the game proposed by Clément Arroga, voices have repeatedly been raised to underline the inadequacy of its game structure with the intrinsic qualities of its players. In other words, no matter how demanding he is, it will be difficult for the manager to get what he is looking for with his current squad. This is perhaps to say that his selections would have anticipated this state of affairs and perhaps favor younger players, including more malleable, and who have a better understanding of the game or tactical culture.

The results ultimately sound like a heavy burden. But what is really frustrating is that the selection of the best players evolving in Cameroon loses against a team of Panthère du Ndé who finished in fifteenth place out of eighteen in a championship really not that competitive. And two other draws against a selection of South Sudan which is really not a lightning of war question all the more that PWD de Bamenda demolished this same selection of this East African country with the score of 3 goals against 0.

The pressure is mounting against Clément Arroga. There is sure to be something going on in this bubbling den.

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