Aboubakar Vincent: a sacrifice without a safeguard

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The Cameroon international recently struck a deal with his former portugal club, the FC Porto, to reach the megalopolis of Istanbul in Turkey and the Besijtas. He still had one more year of contract to do with defending champion Portugal and it was estimated at over 3,5 million Euros. But for several months and his return to the playing fields, he was no longer entitled to the chapter. He has thus gone from number one striker and essential player to that of additional staff. It would not have been entered on the sheet of players admitted to play in European competitions this season.

Despite his repeated injuries, “Abou” remains very confident in his abilities. If several clubs have been frightened by his repeated serious injuries, the player knows he will bounce back. He doesn't ask for much, moreover, but that he be given the chance to do what he can do, that is to say play ball.

If he has signed up with the Turkish club, it is at zero cost for this legendary club which has not agreed to take any risk on the player. Aboubakar accepted draconian conditions to be part of this workforce. Financially, according to what Turkish football circles say, it is a parachute jump without any insurance.

However, the player was marked by the exceptional welcome of his first visit to the club. He also confided in his contract: in the event of injury or relapse, the club is free to terminate his contract. That says it all. Aboubakar Vincent sacrificed everything to engage with Besiktas as he explains himself:

"I had had a fairly short history here. I'm back to write the other part of the story that started a few years ago. I hadn't played for a while, but now I'm in good shape. I had several offers, I preferred Besiktas because it is my home (…) In the event of a relapse, it is expected that the club can terminate my contract".

» I need time to get back to my old form. I am spiritually ready for the challenge ".

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