Xbox Series X: All About Backward Compatibility of Xbox, Xbox 360, and Xbox One Games

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Backward compatibility of the new Xbox explained in detail.

An update on the backwards compatibility of the Xbox Series X from Microsoft.

Peggy Lo, head of the compatibility program at the Redmond firm, explains how backwards compatibility on new consoles from Microsoft will allow play thousands of games spanning four generations "Backward compatible games will run on Xbox Series X and Series S by exploiting the full potential of the CPU, GPU and SSD. No boost mode or reduction of the frequency of the clock signal, all the power of these consoles will be devoted to these backward compatible games. They will therefore be able to operate at the maximum of their originally planned capacity, but will also benefit from the benefits of the new consoles, such as a more stable and higher number of images as well as higher resolutions and therefore visual quality. improved. Their loading times will also be drastically reduced, thanks to the bespoke NVME SSD at the heart of the Xbox Velocity Architecture (...) We are convinced that you must be able to continue to enjoy your old games without having to buy them back, but also that the latter must be more fun to watch and play on the new generation of Xbox consoles. Preserving and improving the thousands of games you know and love, or yet have yet to discover, has been one of our main goals since the launch of the Backward Compatibility Program in 2015. It has been years since we manage to fulfill this contract, while continuing to learn. We spent over 500.000 hours testing four generations of games in 2019, to better prepare for the arrival of the Xbox Series X and Series S."

Backward compatibility for Xbox, Xbox 360, and Xbox One games on Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S

  • Auto HDR for everyone: A new feature that improves the visual quality as well as the image processing of many titles released in SDR in a hardware way. Thanks to HDR (High Dynamic Range), the displayed brightness and color range widens, giving the feeling of a richer, deeper picture compared to SDR (Standard Dynamic Range). For example, the light from a flashlight increases in intensity and red flowers become vibrant
  • Framerate doubled: A higher number of frames per second, more stable, allows them to be more fluid and the gameplay is all the more immersive. The bespoke processor allows for such improvements. Not compatible with all games, often because of their physics engine or animations
  • Some great classics will benefit from dedicated improvements: Beyond the improvements that these games will have thanks to the power of our new machines, Microsoft continues to innovate and push the limits, so that your current library of titles is more pleasant to play. and to watch, at no additional cost and without work on the part of the developers, while respecting the artistic vision of the original creators
  • Optimized titles using the Heutchy method: Optimization allowed Xbox 360 games typically displayed in 720p and titles from the very first Xbox running 360p to be played in 4K on Xbox One X: a resolution much higher than those they offered on their original console. We will continue to use the Heutchy method so that some titles can be displayed in 1440p on Xbox Series S and in 4K on Xbox Series X
  • Improved texture filtering: On Xbox One X, part of the catalog benefited from higher anisotropic filtering, to improve the visual quality of titles. On Xbox Series X and Series S, almost all backward compatible games will be able to benefit from anisotropic filtering multiplied by 16

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