Tiriane Noah calls for the lifting of the sequestration of Maurice Kamto's home

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In a column published on the web on Wednesday October 14, 2020, the 2st vice-president of the MRC protests against the placing under house arrest of its national president, as well as the other executives and militants of the party.

Maurice Kamto - photo capture

Tiriane Balbine Nadege Noah notes that the international community is against these arrests. " We note that no country friendly to Cameroon and no international institution has validated the pseudo insurrection invented by this regime to cover a peaceful march which is a constitutional right. Here again our country will be at the center of the news not by an exploit of Mr. Biya in the economic, social fields, etc. but because of yet another violation of human rights, the atrocities of Noso n ' being not yet evacuated She writes.

She wants her political friends to be freed. " We demand the lifting of the sequestration of the home of Maurice Kamto, the release of our comrades dispatched, in the prisons, the release of Alain Fogue, Bibou Nissack. We invite Mr. Biya's regime to get its act together and come and face the MRC on the field of ideas. You don't build a state by breaking your own laws », Adds the activist cadre of the MRC.

INDIGNATION - INDIGNATION Three weeks that our president, this one that the Cameroonians from the East to the West, from the North…

Published by Tiriane Balbine Nadege Noah at Wednesday 14 October 2020

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