Lionel Toussé, founder of ICONProd Group: when daring leads to success - CAMEROON CEO

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Creating and developing projects that respond to the problems of society, this is the project that Lionel Toussé is trying to clear, a heavyweight in Marketing, who has become a major player in the transformation of the African economy. Nicknamed in the community: "market reader" (finder of opportunities), this rigorous manager - who in business matters has a keen sense of smell - never quarantines his spirit of creativity when it is necessary to offer strong solutions. to resolve a problem related to a company's reputation. On this road flooded by great competition, this warrior - who has always dreamed of being a pilot - knows how to count on the thick dust of inventiveness which escorts his steps.

Routine and laziness are not part of his vocabulary. In this rather thankless world, this 46-year-old Cameroonian entrepreneur, hungry for knowledge and blinded by work, was able to build his beach there. Lionel Toussé is fierce and can play on all fronts. His mother's love is a refuge for him. It is the germ of his strength, the cellar in which he draws his energy to surprise the world.

A talented professional, this charismatic results-oriented leader, fervent servant of his dear and beautiful continent, can boast of having trained in the great business and management schools of the most important cities of Francophone Africa (Communication from companies in Pigier Abidjan; Marketing, standards and quality at Pigier Dakar and at the University Institute of Technologies of Douala where he obtained a professional license in Negotiation-trade-sales).

A man of character and a remarkable communicator, Lionel Toussé has developed great managerial skills to the point where today, he takes up with great ease the challenges that are his daily. Although he had always been jealous of his autonomy, this "creator of emotions" had to fulfill his previous functions with a lot of skills. Whether as Sales Manager at Pastel SA; Sales Director at Momentum in Cameroon or customer service director at Zk Advertising in the DRC, this former President of the Unesco club (between 1992 and 1994) at Nkol Eton high school in Yaoundé has left indelible marks in his path.

By becoming Chairman and CEO of ICONProd - created on April 1, 2009 in the Democratic Republic of Congo while he is in `` professional expatriation '' -, a communication agency whose network is currently extended to 4 countries of the Central Africa (Congo Brazzaville; Chad; Cameroon and Gabon) and who works among other things on the construction and promotion of strong brands, this young wolf of marketing and advertising has - through this pan-African project - buried the last remains of doubt which supported its great and legitimate ambitions, namely: to make Africa more attractive, more powerful and incidentally, to rekindle the flame of Cameroonian entrepreneurship.

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