'I had my three-year-old daughter vaccinated'

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Cameroon's Public Health Minister, Dr. Manaouda Malachie has said he personally got his three-year-old daughter vaccinated against polio.

He was reacting to concerns about the safety of the polio vaccine currently administered to kids aged 0-5 years in 6 regions of the country.

Dr. Manaouda Malachie held a press conference on October 13, 2020, in Yaounde, to tell Cameroonians why a vaccination campaign against polio has been organized, barely three months after Africa was declared polio free.

Dr. Manaouda Malachie grants a press conference on the raison d'etre of the vaccination against polio

Dr. Malachie Manaouda grants press conference at the conference hall of the Public Health Ministry on the raison d'etre of the vaccination against polio For some days now, social media discussions have been fueled by a video that appeared to showed health workers in a school, convincing some parents who objected to having their kids vaccinated against polio.

Why the Reticence?

Many have questioned the safety of the vaccine which is administered to kids only three months after the African continent was declared Polio free.

Rumors surrounding the purported # COVID19 vaccine have also raised concerns and sowed fear in the hearts of many parents, who have decided not to let their kids receive any vaccine.

During the press conference, the Public health Minister made it clear that being a polio-free country does not necessarily mean vaccinating kids against the virus must be stopped.

He explained that Pakistan and Afghanistan are two countries where the virus is still present and can be transported to any other country.

There are also areas in Cameroon where the Minister says coverage of the polio vaccine as well as immunity of kids need to be strengthened.

Dr. Manaouda disclosed that the reticence has led to the resurgence of Measles in 78 health districts in 8 regions of the country as well as the Polio type 2 virus.

Where has Polio type 2 been reported?

Polio type 2 has been in circulation in some parts of the country since March 2020. The affected regions include Littoral, Center, Far North, North, Adamawa and East.

March 20, 2020: Betare Oya Health District in the East and the Kousseri Health District in the Far North Region

April 13, i2020: Garoua and Bertoua Health Districts in the East Region

April 20, 2020: Babgué Health District in the Littoral,

September20, 2020: Health Districts in Ebolowa in the South Region and Biyemassi Health District in the Center Region

Accordingly, vaccination will prevent the importation of this wild virus from affected countries.

Thanks to vaccines, Tetanus and other diseases have been eradicated.

Aside the polio vaccine, Dr Manaouda Malachie calls on parents to have their daughters aged 9 and below to be vaccinated against the Human Papilloma Virus that causes Cervical Cancer.

Kathy Neba Sina

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