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Suspected of conflict of interest and enrichment, Edeltrudes Costa, the chief of staff of President João Lourenço, discredits his anti-corruption policy.

Even before taking the helm of Angola in 2017, João Lourenço knew that the fight against corruption in his country would be difficult. Each passing day confirms it a little more. In recent days, the Angolan president, who succeeded the former strongman José Eduardo dos Santos, has suffered a boomerang effect: whilehe got elected on the promise of leading an anti-corruption crusade, launched upon coming to power, it is under fire from critics to keep its chief of staff, Edeltrudes Costa, suspected of conflict of interest and enrichment through obtaining public contracts.

Escape of public funds under dos Santos rises to $ 24 billion

The case is having the worst effect at a time when Angola, in great financial difficulty due to the drop in oil prices and the consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic, pleads for the extension of the moratorium on the service of the debt to international donors, including the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank (WB).

On September 16, the IMF reaffirmed its support, increasing by nearly $ 800 million the envelope of 3,7 billion approved in 2018. And, at the beginning of the week, when the annual meetings of the two international institutions opened, João Lourenço for the first time quantified - at 24 billion dollars - the escape of public funds under the dos Santos regime, while stressing , in the Wall Street Journal, the reforms undertaken - in particular with the help of the United States - in favor of transparency.

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