Abdouraman Hamadou: the sacred blow of Pierre Semengué which shakes Alim Konaté, Mbombo Njoya and Fécafoot

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It was in 2011, the year in which he chose to resign from Fécafoot after well-publicized disputes with his former mentor and former president of Fécafoot, Iya Mohammed, that Abdouraman Hamadou was systematically ostracized by his former comrades. The object of the disagreement was never really made public, but several affirm that it concerned the decision of Iya Mohammed to co-opt Tombi A Roko, on the proposal of Alim Konaté, a few years earlier as Secretary General of the institution. Several believe that afterwards, the guy from Garoua was right since it is the consequences of Tombi's passage as President of Fécafoot that continue to shake the microcosm of Cameroonian football.

Legalist, it is through his actions that the FIFA has had no choice but to appoint two Normalization Committees to manage Cameroonian football in recent years. And since the decisions of the government and even of the FIFA have each time trod the texts of the Republic, or those of the same FIFA, Abdouraman had the merit and the courage to drag them all before the Arbitral Tribunal for Sports and to come out with decisions in his favor.

Fecafoot: Abdouraman Hamadou throws in the towel

Labeled as an uncontrollable to isolate and destroy him, his faith in his convictions and his capacities for anticipation have each time foiled all the bad blows against him. Having become a specialist in sports law by force of circumstances, he has had so many successes against sports bodies, he is given an advisory role to the LFPC in his last oratorical game against Fecafoot in Zurich which saw the League be reinstated in its rights during the decision of the TAS September 14th.

Faced with the organization on the ground of Fécafoot and its associates, the General attempted a rapprochement with Abdouraman Hamadou and succeeded in convincing him to join his camp. Analysts believe this is one of the President of the League's great blows. In the president of Étoile Filante de Garoua, he will have a strong man, a very high oratory capacity, a proven competence, a very great experience and an unusual intelligence a screen against the head winds. who will be unleashed. Already, we can feel in the last decisions of the President of the League the hand of this man full of experience.

His appointment to the ad doc committee set up by Semengué to manage the launch of sports competitions has provoked an outcry in the seraglio. Like this man, plagued among the plague victims, they say, did he manage to get back into business? ? Camfoot has learned that prior to his appointment a number of approvals were required from members of government and high-ranking Republic officials who lay in the Presidency. Abdouraman Hamadou would have blown them all away with his understanding of the issues, his knowledge of cases and people and his great competence.

On the side of his opponents, it is the commotion of the fight. The meetings are increasing because the presence of the native of Garoua is seriously disturbing.

Alim Konaté, current first vice-president of the Cameroonian football federation is clearly a fierce detractor of the former Chief of Staff of Iya Mohammed.

Camfoot learned that during a meeting held at the Prime Minister's office on Thursday October 8, Fécafoot set two conditions for the cessation of hostilities:

  1. the withdrawal of the decision of the Minister of Sports who creates a monitoring committee for the implementation of the decision of the TAS 14 of September 2020
  2. the annulment by President Semengué of the decision creating the ad doc committee to monitor competitions headed by Abdouraman Hamadou

For now, these two requests have been swept aside. Finding this strategist in front of them, it is normal that serenity does not reign in Tsinga.

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