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If you do not know his surname, it is because you were born after the 2000s. Yanis ARNOPOULOS is the shining and conquering face of the third generation of a family of Greek businessmen established in Cameroon for almost 9 decades . Grandson of the very powerful founder of the Arno group, Anestis ARNOPOULOS (who acquired great notoriety as a goalkeeper, champion of the Cameroon Cup in 1963 with the Oryx of Douala), this young Cameroonian in the 'soul' has not skipped the steps and continues to grow without burning its wings.

Before studying at the Higher National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies then at Paris Dauphine University where he obtained a Masters in International Affairs, this young, timeless leader, of incredible vitality - who knows how to adapt to depending on changes in its environment - had previously held the position of sales assistant at JJA SA - a company specializing in import and export - then work at Bolloré Transport & Logistics.

Today Deputy General Manager of the family firm (the ARNO Group) which seduces as much by its history filled with nostalgia as by its economic performances, Yanis ARNOPOULOS, importer of optimism which the Cameroonian economy needs for its expansion, has learned to cultivate the requirement to perpetuate the influence of this organization which is one of the few to be able to be proud of being always present and always active in spite of the passing of time.

This born leader, endowed with enormous potential and who has decided to put his expertise and know-how at the service of distributor customers to enable them to develop their business and satisfy their consumers, also officiates in events.

With his communicative energy, his charisma, his affiliation to a community considered among the best traders in the world, this prince of negotiation, undoubtedly a sure bet, represents the future of this group founded in 1965 and has the ideal profile to fully ensure the falls within this family business which strongly participates in the development of Cameroon's economic fabric.

Contaminated by the success of his parents who were able to mark the path, Yanis ARNOPOULOS - whose three quarters of the heart is in Cameroon and the other quarter everywhere in the world -, has always known how to place himself in the shadow and enjoys a very good image with the associative movement (he is a member of the international public relation association).

He is the main seed of a line of businessmen who came from South-East Europe, especially from the HAVALA region in Greece, to make their fortune in Cameroon. A seed of hope sown on a land both hostile and fertile: that of indomitable lions.


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