Three dead as a result of a traffic accident in Garoua

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The motives for the tragedy in the Reyré district in Garoua are not yet known.

A victim lying down (c) Rights reserved

Blood red macadamia and the pitiful state of the damaged vehicles suffice to illustrate the shock that killed three people in the neighborhood Reyre in Garoua, capital of the North region on Monday, October 12, 2020.

According to the information published on their Facebook page, the firefighters inform: “ When we arrived, we found two lifeless bodies of two teenagers including a boy and a girl lying in blood on the pavement. After finding out by the competent authorities, the two bodies were conditioned in the increases and made available to the families. The emergency services then proceeded to clean up the road Can we read there?

Reliable sources indicate that the third victim, rushed to hospital, did not occur to his injuries.

It is therefore one tragedy too many on this side of the territory because we remember that on October 5, 2020, Moussa Kroum, a Water and Forest agent had first been taken to life.

Deaths who come to label the operation "zero deaths" during this back-to-school period until January 2021-operation launched by the Minister of Transport Jean Ernest Masena Ngallè Bibèhè.

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