The Apple HomePod Mini would have a U1 chip

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The HomePod recognizes multiple users

Apple is organizing an event dedicated to the iPhone 12 this evening from 19 p.m. It won't be the only new product announced, that's almost certain. On the menu, it seems, the Apple HomePod Mini.

Apple hasn't really been successful with its HomePod smart speaker. Blame it on a late arrival on the market and a very (too) high price positioning. The Cupertino company is not one to give up. Today, it should unveil a more compact model, also more affordable, the HomePod Mini.

What if HomePod Mini and Apple TV had a U1 chip?

The U1 chip made its debut with theiPhone 11 last year. A fairly clear indication that Apple was then preparing its Tile-style tracker accessory. Today, according to a report by leakster Jon Prosser, which we no longer present, this U1 chip would be the basis of more imposing products. And she would have more important missions to complete than just letting you find a lost item.

What exactly?

Indeed, if we are to believe a tweet from Jon Prosser, the HomePod Mini and the new box Apple TV should both benefit from this U1 chip. Some of you might be wondering why such devices would need a U1 chip. A legitimate question and according to our man, the answer would be quite obvious: Apple intends to use these devices as base stations, in a way, to reinforce the augmented reality capabilities in the “Locate” application.

For example, rather than letting the iPhone and the Tile-style tracker do all the work, if you have a HomePod Mini or the new Apple TV, those might also help with their search and in return provide an even more precise location. . And maybe even tracking based on augmented reality. This system can also double the security of devices by alerting remote users in the event that one of these devices leaves your home.

It is impossible to be 100% certain of what Apple is up to for its U1 chip, but if Jon Prosser's tweets are true, that would allow a lot of things. And that would be one less “surprise” announced during tonight's event dedicated to the iPhone 12. A few more hours of patience and we'll be fixed.

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