How to Change the Language of Pale Moon - Tips

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Pale Moon is a derivative of Firefox in version 32 ou 64 Bits

Install Pale Moon Locale Switcher.

Delete everything in the address bar (URL) then copy / paste:

Or right click then "Paste & Go "

Click → install Now

Click in the dialog box on → install Now (Install now).

Change the language in the configuration editor.

Clear everything in the address bar (URL) then copy / paste:

about: config

Then Enter key on the keyboard.

Or right click then → »Paste & Go "

Click → l promise to be carreful! (I promise to be careful!).

The configuration editor opens.

In the box opposite → Search

Copy / paste:


Then → paste

general.useragent.locale is by default in English → en-US

To switch it to French, double-click on the line → general.useragent.locale ..

In the small delete dialog box →in- US

Make a copy / paste → fr-FR

Then → OK

If Pale Moon is not in French:

Download the FR language pack to the desktop.

See you on this page

Go down to → French

Right click on the word → fr.xpi

Click on the line → Save link target as ...

Select → Office

Close the page link

On the Desktop you have the Compressed File (XPI) (.xpi) → fr

Minimize the Pale Moon browser window to view the blue compressed file (XPI)

Hold the left click without releasing the compressed file (XPI) and drag it into the Pale Moon browser.

Now release the left click

Click → install Now

Close Pale Moon.

If you this message:

Click → Close Tabs

Change language with the latest versions of Pale Moon

Show menu bar.

Right click at the top of the page and select → Menu Bar

Go to the toolbar located at the top and click on → Tools

Then on → Preferences

Or on Pale Moon above and to the left.

Then on the Preference line and again on the Preference line

Click on the tab → Content

Language section (it's about in the middle).

Click → Choose

Click → Select at language to add

Scroll down the list and select → French [fr]

Click on → OK

Click → Add (opposite French [fr])

Click on OKto confirm.

Click again on OK to close the little window.

Close Pale Moon.

Open Pale Moon.

Click in the upper right corner on the last icon → Select from available local

Click on the line → en-French

Click → OK

This will restart Pale Moon.

Pale Moon is now in French.

You can put the home page of your choice.

Example with Google.

Go on Tools → Preferences

Tab General.

Section → Home page

Delete →

Copy paste instead →

Click → OK

Add Google as a search engine.

Click on the small arrow in the box »Search »Located at the top right.

Unroll the little arrow next to » DuckDuckGo »

Click → Manage search engines.

Click on the line → Get other search engines ...

Click → Google

A small dialog box appears.

Check the box → Make it the current search engine

Click → Add

Google is now the default search engine.

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