“Five years already !!! It is an important journey for us ”

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“Five years already !!! It is an important journey for us ”

(HUAWEI CAMEROUN) - 3 questions to Mr. DU YIN, General Manager, Huawei Cameroon.

You have just launched the 5th edition of the “Seeds for the Future” program. At this point, can you summarize an experience of this program?

Huawei attaches great importance to the training plan and ICT talent pool in Cameroon, known as the program "SEEDS FOR THE FUTURE" from Huawei, it aims to discover Cameroon's outstanding ICT talent and participate in the global talent competition “SEEDS FOR THE FUTURE”. We adhere to our own concept of strategic development, namely "IN CAMEROON, FOR CAMEROON". There is a Chinese proverb that says: "It takes ten years to grow trees, but a hundred years to educate people". Five years is an important milestone for us, but there is no end to nurturing talent.

What is the added value of this fifth edition?

Currently in Cameroon, 13 teachers have already obtained HUAWEI ICT ACADEMY qualification and certification, and 298 students participated in this activity in 2020, with a total of 80 students who have been certified and become Cameroon's future ICT talents. During the outbreak, we opened the e-learning platform LEARN-ON so that local certified teachers at the four partner universities of Huawei's ICT ACADEMY in Cameroon can use this platform to teach and train students who study at home. This gives students who are forming in the ICT industry a very good opportunity to learn online, improve their online skills and participate in the global talent competition.

You have just pointed out that during the epidemic, Huawei moved various online training courses via the Internet (notably “Huawei LERAN-ON”). How should young Cameroonian learners adapt to this change?

Online education is a trend in the field of future education and a product of the global technological push. Second, online training can dramatically improve efficiency, reduce education costs, and improve educational capacity in a more flexible way. Third, in the raging global epidemic situation, online training is even more important, effectively avoiding new public gatherings. Cameroonian students should strive to seize this opportunity and use online training, a scarce educational resource, to continue promoting it. Online education is a medium and a good medium, the real subject is always the content of the education itself. By ensuring that educational content is consolidated, better guidance and better use of online educational resources will effectively improve the competitiveness of Cameroonian students.

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