Agustin Galiana: the funny story behind his intimate tattoo that he reveals

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On the set of I love you, etc, Tuesday 13 October 2020, Agustin Galiana confided a lot. While he returned to his fight he has been leading for eight years to obtain French nationality, on set, the columnists decided to give him a test to find out if he really deserved this nationality. After asking him which animal was the symbol of France, then the name of the woman who represents the country, the chronicler transformed into a commissioner for the occasion wanted to know if he was rebellious and shameless like a large majority of the French. " In good French, are you able to show us the rebellious tattoo that you have on the lower back?“, He asked him.

Without hesitation, Agustin Galiana immediately executed. It's a little star located just above her buttocks, at the bottom of her back. Daphne Bürki immediately wanted to know why he had chosen to get a star tattoo. " The story is very funny. It was my sister-in-law who is a beautician who told me one day: 'I did an internship to do non-permanent tattoos which will go away in two years'. Only it was in 2006“, He blurted out laughing.

Agustin Galiana's tattoo ultimately appears to be permanent

As saying that the comedian of 42 years would have preferred that this star disappear much faster. Indeed, for the moment, 14 years after being tattooed, it is still very visible. His sister-in-law obviously gave him a permanent tattoo. An anecdote that will have at least had the merit of making a lot of laughs on the set of the program broadcast on France 2. The chroniclers have also all considered that he had all the necessary knowledge about France to obtain French nationality.

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