Yann Barthès yelled on TMC, rapes denounced live on the set

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Yann Barthès yelled on TMC, rapes denounced live on the set

This Thursday 1er October, Yann Barthès fully ensured the TNT and TMC leadership with an edition of "Quotidien" which spoke of the Uyghurs. The latter who are victims of violent repression in China.

France alarmed over the fate of the Uyghurs

For his “Quotidien” of 1er Last October, Chinese National Day, Yann Barthès decided to turn to China. An opportunity for the journalist to speak and give news repercussions on the wave of support surrounding the Uyghurs.

In fact, more than 60 Uyghurs are victims of ill-treatment in concentration camps in China. In addition, there is a large Muslim community which is a victim of slavery. Faced with the situation, Raphaël Glucksmann took action on the web to publicize the situation in France. Thus, he wanted to make himself heard and defend this cause on the set of the "Daily".

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He wrote: “To act for the Uyghurs even if it seems very far away is to act for us too. This mobilization denounces crimes against humanity, but it is also a mobilization on what type of world we want. Do we want a world where multinationals use workers forced Uyghurs? 83 companies were incriminated ”.

Dilnur Reyhan, president of the Uyghur Institute for Europe, said that it was women who were the first victims of this violence and abuse. According to her, Uyghur women are raped by Chinese regime officials. Also, revolutionary beauty campaigns and sterilization campaigns are imposed on them.

Yann Barthès, a bad choice? He leaves feathers.

With this edition focused on the Uyghurs, the second part of the “Quotidien” gathered 1,61 million French people, or 6,6%. An audience that has fallen significantly compared to Wednesday, September 30, which was 7,6%. However, the channel has outclassed its competitor TNT.

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