Thumbnails photos that don't appear in Windows 10 Explorer - tips

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Thumbnails photos that don't appear in Windows 10 Explorer

Sometimes thumbnails are not displayed correctly in the file explorer.

Solution1 Always show icons, never thumbnails.

keys Windows and R

Taper control folders

Open the View tab

Uncheck the box → Always display icons, never thumbnails

With Windows 10 in the search bar on the task bar type → file explorer options

Solution 2 With a bat file.

Enable thumbnail previews in File Explorer in Windows 10 with a bat file.

Save the file to the desktop

Right click on the .bat file → Run as Administrator

Restart the PC.

Solution3 Disk cleaning of thumbnails.

Keyboard keys Windows + R

Type → cleanmgr

Check that the miniature box is checked.

Then OK to do the cleaning.

Solution 4 Navigation pane.

The Preview Pane pane.

Open explorer

With the keyboard keys Windows + E

Select tab Display.

Check Visualization pane.

Be careful not to go wrong with → Navigation pane.

Solution 5 Reregister shmedia.

Keyboard keys Windows + R

Copy / paste the commands below then press the enter key on each of them.

Regsvr32 / u shmedia.dll

Regsvr32 shmedia.dll

Regsvr32 / u shimgvw.dll

Regsvr32 shimgvw.dll

Restart the PC.

Solution 6 Clean the thumbnail cache.

In the search field on the taskbar type cmd

Right click on Command Prompt.

Execute as administrator

Copy / paste

cd / d% userprofile% AppDataLocalMicrosoftWindowsExplorer

attrib –h thumbcache _ *. db

del thumbcache _ *. db

Confirm with the Enter key on the keyboard.

Finally close the command prompt window.

Restart the PC

Solution 7 IconsOnly.

Change the value IconsOnly in the registry.

In the search field on the taskbar type: regedit

Go to this registry key:


In the right pane select and double click on: IconsOnly

When we have the thumbnails, the value IconsOnly is at 0.

Modify this value to 1 and restart the PC.

Return to regedit, and reset the value to 0,click on OK and restart the PC again.

Solution 8 Repair system files.

In the search field on the taskbar type cmd

Right click on Command Prompt.

Execute as administrator

Make a copy / paste:

Dism / Online / Cleanup-Image / RestoreHealth

Then possibly:

sfc / scannow

Duration 20 to 40 minutes.

Close the window cmd and restart the PC.

Solution 9 Reset File Explorer.

Open Windows Explorer (Keyboard key Windows + E)

Tab : Viewing

Options (it's the last one on the right)

Click on: Change folder and search options.

Tab: Viewing

Reset the default settings.

Or save the archive Vbscript attached reset_folder_views.vbs

unzip and run the Vbscrip file with 7-Zip

Run the reset_folder_views file

Click on Yes to continue.

You will see two command prompt windows open and close, then the shell will restart. This clears the folder display settings.

Solution 10 PC update.

Update my computer with the latest Windows 10 update

Solution 11 Check the hard drive.

Run a CheckDisk to check the hard drive, detect and correct any file system corruption.

In the search field on the taskbar type: chkdsk

Right click on: chkdsk

Execute as administrator

Copy paste

chkdsk / f / r

Then Enter key on the keyboard.

restart the pc.

Solution 12 Plote of the graphics card.

Uninstall / reinstall the graphics card driver.

13 solution: System Restore.

System restore to a previous date.

CCM tutorial.

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