Davido chased out of a nightclub unleashes his anger:! !

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A video in which the Nigerian singer Davido appears arguing with the management of a club where he and his staff had gone to relax, is currently touring social networks. They were barred from entering Bloom Bar, a Ghanaian nightclub to do their show.

Beninwebtv reports that the artist was intercepted by bouncers who denied him access despite resistance from his bodyguards. Angry, the star would have come out of his gongs and uttered insults to the bouncers, as we can hear from elsewhere in the video. Hinting at his wealth right away, he bragged that he could buy the bar 10 times more than its value.

The club later explained that the singer and his company had broken one of their rules: they had en their possession of guns and illicit drugs, the media reported, items prohibited in said establishment. According to the protocol, access was therefore prohibited.



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