New element discovered will soon shed light on Victorine's death

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New element discovered will soon shed light on Victorine's death

Even today, the gendarmes are doing their best to stop Victorine's murderer. Noting that his lifeless body was discovered last Monday in a stream in Villefontaine (Isère).

The authorities are still trying to follow all plausible leads and understand the exact circumstances of his death. So a new element of the case could turn everything upside down.

Death of Victorine, a police dog sheds light on the case

According to information from Dauphiné Libéré, investigators from the Grenoble Research Section resumed their research on Tuesday in the hamlet of Saint-Bonnet in Roche. Thus, during these investigations, a police dog would have had a rather surprising attitude. Indeed, "the dog of the gendarmes stopped" in front of one of the three dumpsters.

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Indeed, he immediately rolled on the ground, all fours in the air according to a neighbor who was present. A behavior whose cause is still unknown. However, investigators requisitioned an SMND truck to remove the container. The contents of the dumpster would have been examined in great detail. After these events, the lawyer for the family of Victorine Dartois made a public statement.

The Victorine affair soon clarified

Victorine's family would like to know more about the circumstances of the young girl's death. She wants to know how things went. Where and why did these people or this person get caught up in the student. And according to the family lawyer, the trail of sexual assault has not yet been ruled out until after extensive body examinations are completed. Something that causes concern among the family and relatives of Victorine. But they wish with all their heart that the thesis of aggression is negative.

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