Bad news has just cast a shadow over Brigitte Macron's family

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Bad news has just cast a shadow over Brigitte Macron's family

Bad news has just cast a shadow over Brigitte Macron's family. Presumably, her ex-husband André-Louis Auzière took his last breath. Noting that together the first lady and her ex-husband had three children.

It was the magazine Paris Match which revealed the news, after an interview with the youngest of the family. However, to everyone's surprise, it is a disappearance that already dates from last year, in December. A loss that his family decided to keep secret according to the wishes of the deceased.

The disappearance of André-Louis Auzière

According to Tiphaine Auzière, she had buried her father on December 24 in complete privacy. Indeed, they kept this disappearance secret, because the banker liked to remain anonymous. Confidences that caught the eyes of all given the secrecy that reigns around the event.

Indeed, Brigitte Macron and André-Louis Auzière saw each other for the very first time in an evening with close friends. At first glance, they immediately liked each other. Thus, on June 22, 1974, the couple decided to unite their destiny. So together, they had three children: Sébastien, Laurence and Tiphaine. Over time, the French teacher was fed up with the monotony in her married life. Reason why she ended up taking a lover among her students, the young Emmanuel Macron. A young man who declared his love for him.

Brigitte Macron, forced to look good

Upon discovery of the death of her ex-husband, Brigitte Macron was forced to display a blissful smile. Indeed, at this hour the first lady received the wife of the Mexican president, Andrés Manuel López Obrador. An interview for the preparation of the inauguration of the exhibition “The Olmecs and the Cultures of the Gulf of Mexico”.

An event that took place on October 9 at the Quai Branly Museum. In addition, the mother of three has not expressed any reaction vis-à-vis this disappearance. Nevertheless, she agreed to speak about her function as first lady of France. Suddenly, according to Brigitte Macron it is a very selective function which makes her leave her job as first lady.

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