Back to school 2020: BIR's Coup de Force in Mayo Sava

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With Operation BIR “Back to school 2020-2021” launched by the Cameroonian Army to come to the aid of young people living in conflict zones, during this back-to-school period, the Grande Muette did not remain silent.

In the northern part, the sect Boko Haram sows panic. Many children remained without parents, some parents forced to flee their villages, some villages literally burned down, with school and health infrastructure, the situation made education practically impossible in this part of Cameroon for several years. But thanks to the bravery and professionalism of the Cameroonian army, life is gradually resuming its normal course. But then no normal is without education.

In order to support Cameroonian youth in general and that of conflict zones in particular, the BIR has on behalf of the 2020-2021 school year undertaken a vast campaign to repair schools and donate school materials in several educational institutions.

This weekend, the first stage led to the Department of Mayo-Sava, district of Kolofata where, at the public school of Gancé, thousands of children from this locality were encouraged to return to school. To do this, the BIR has remodeled many classrooms and made a large donation of teaching materials.

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