Air transport: Camair-Co in the air again

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The national airline announced on October 07, 2020 the resumption of its flights from October 12.

After seven months of inactivity, the resumption of the navigation of Cameroon Airlines planes in a document widely distributed on the web and outside will mainly concern domestic flights.
Services made possible by the acquisition of a Boeing 737-300 with 135 seats, leased with crew (wet lease) and belonging to Ukraine.

Security measures

Technically, company officials say the device has passed all five stages of airline compliance. Checks carried out by Cameroonian and foreign technicians to ensure customer safety. All things which led the aeronautical authority to confirm its state of airworthiness.

Circumstances of the shutdown

Remember that Camair-Co had to suspend the “operation” component of its activities in March 2020, following financial difficulties caused by the coronavirus pandemic. Before the said activities ceased, the company linked, at the local level, the cities of Douala, Yaoundé, Garoua, Maroua, Ngaoundéré, Bafoussam and Bamenda.

A breath of fresh air for the company

This resumption of flights within Cameroon from next Monday therefore marks the beginning of a new era at Camair-Co. Flights that should relieve passengers leaving for Douala, Yaoundé, Maroua and Garoua.
The company should also benefit from it. According to Martin Madiba Ebongue, Commercial and Marketing Director at Camair-Co, “the company can operate in this market optimally without having to go to the regional market while making a profit”.
Everything therefore suggests that these officials have learned the lessons of the past for a flight into a sky that we hope this time cloudless.

Aline Nguini

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