Patrick Timani, the entrepreneur who wants to revolutionize user transport in Cameroon with Bee Moto-Taxi

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Wanda People is an entrepreneur with an impressive vision. Patrick Timani has distinguished himself in the world of entrepreneurship by creating a start-up specializing in logistics and transport in Cameroon. The Wanda Team will take you to discover it ...

Young Cameroonian living in Germany, Patrick timani did not study in business management and yet, his natural predispositions to entrepreneurship pushed him to get started. After a stint in South Africa, an experience in microfinance in Cameroon and finally Germany where he ended up as an engineer and insurance salesman, Patrick decided to increase his monthly income by launching himself in the sale of insurance in order to to increase his monthly income. An adventure that will allow him to gain in network, experience and knowledge of the field.

Meanwhile, his performance as an insurer in Germany and address book in microfinance in Cameroon allow him to gain the confidence of his boss. From this relationship of trust, was born the first investment for Bee Group, amounted to 50 euros (000 million CFA francs).

Founded by Patrick timani et Ngoukeng Creed (also Cameroonian), the application Bee-Mototaxi aims to revolutionize the motorcycle taxi sector in Cameroon. With more than 100.000 motorcycles listed in the city of Douala according to the motorcycle taxi unions, this sector requires deep grooming as a vector of insecurity. It is in this capacity that the young company launched itself with the mission of providing added value in terms of quality of service.

Based at Douala, the start-up is counting on the diversification of its offer to reach as many people as possible. Bee offers a wide range of services including transport, logistics, delivery of food and medicine, and many other on-demand services in Cameroon. The package is therefore available in five options: Bee For School, for the transport of pupils, Bee For Work, for the transport of adults to their place of duty, Bee For Corporate, for the transport of employees as part of their professional activities, Bee For Night for night transport and Bee Delivery for the delivery.

Bee-Mototaxi relies on the quality of the equipment (safety helmet, jackets, T-shirt, gloves, knee pads). With a network made up of a hundred affiliated mototaxis and paid at the percentage of their yield according to Sputniknews, Bee-Mototaxi is going to win over new customers. They pay an average of 500 CFA francs for a distance of five kilometers and, at the end of the race, the customer has the possibility of rating his driver on parameters such as punctuality or the manner of driving.

In 2018, thanks to a fruitful partnership with the company Jumia - still based in Cameroon at the time - Bee went from a monthly turnover of 800.000 FCFA the first month of the contract, to around 9 to 13 million FCFA , and becomes Jumia's number 1 carrier in barely 6 months, we learn about the Medium blog “Resourceful" by Guy Berthol Tegueu.

Patrick Timani wants to promote and professionalize this field of activity which can, according to him, nourish his man. It also already offers various subscription packages, depending on customer needs. You had to think about it! We wish him good luck in the success of his activities!

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