"Mbarga Nguele is my father"

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The boss of Vision 4 spoke as a guest of the 20 p.m. newscast on Vision 4 on Friday, October 9, 2020.

Jean Pierre Amougou Belinga - video capture

Long before his passage as special guest of Jean Jacques ZE in the Newspaper of 20H on Vision 4, the President of the Anecdote Group Jean Pierre Amougou Belinga made public a communication to the place of his brothers and sisters Fang-Beti . In this communication, the president of the group the anecdote ask for apologies to the great Fan-Beti family and more precisely to the patriarchs Paul Biya, Mbarga Nguele Martin and also to Cameroonians.

Facing Jean Jacques Zé, his Majesty Jean Pierre Amougou Belinga explains the reasons for his act of peace. For him, Martin Mbarga Nguele, delegate general for national security is a father for him and he wanted to put an end to the false controversy between a father and a son.

Then, the Director of Information of Vision4, Jean-Pierre Ndzana, comes to explain further the exit of Zoomlo'o, head of Vog-Belinga.

This from the CEO of the Anecdote Group is hailed by Cameroonians on the web. " A man who wants to go further recognizes his mistakes and shows humility and strongly implores forgiveness that this forgiveness be granted to him and that the patriarch benefits from the blessing of his peers "Wrote one user.

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