Moroccan king buys $ 90 million Parisian mansion

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Moroccan king buys $ 90 million Parisian mansion

The King of Morocco has reportedly spent $ 94 million (£ 72 million) for a mansion in the French capital, Paris, purchased directly from its former owners, the Saudi royal family.

Located near the famous Eiffel Tower, the property has 12 bedrooms, a swimming pool, a games room, a private garden and a private car park.

King Mohammed VI is one of the richest monarchs in the world, with an estimated personal fortune 10 times that of British Queen Elizabeth II.

Its purchase comes at a time when the Moroccan economy has shrunk by 6% due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The king announced in August that 120 billion dirhams ($ 32 billion; £ 25 billion) would be pumped into the economy in response.

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