Three dead at Dreams Palace

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They lost their lives there on October 04 after a fight between the customers of this relaxation area.

Dream Palace - DR

Four days later, the seals affixed to the main entrance gate of the Dreams snack bar are still visible. " Under seal for investigations »By the Regional Division of the Judicial Police of the Littoral on Sunday 04 October, this closure is the result of the fight that broke out in this establishment the day before and which resulted in loss of human life. According to residents of this space located in the university area of ​​the city-Sic, the drama began on the night of Saturday, September 03 to Sunday, September 04 at a fairly late hour of the night. Assessment, three dead, two of them on site and one at the Deido District Hospital, and several injured.

According to testimonies, the strong attendance observed on the eve of the start of the school year is at the origin of the tragedy. " The Dreams has two rooms. In room B, a discussion broke out between consumers from the same box. The argument escalated and turned into a brawl between these consumers. In their scuffle, they knocked over the drink of consumers sitting on the next table. The latter undertook to claim payment for their donated consumption and this is how the fight became widespread throughout the room located on the first floor.», Explains a witness. During the fight, bottles were shattered. It was the savior who can.

In a rush, the occupants of the crowded room will undertake to return to the ground floor, then exit through the stairs. Under the weight of this human tide, the steps will give way, dragging in its fall the many people who were there. According to witnesses, the vigilantes in insufficient number could not intervene to put an end to the fight. The injured were transported to various hospitals. A situation regretted by the national president of the National Union of drinking establishments and bars of Cameroon (Syndebarcam). " It is a difficult situation for the operators of drinking establishments that we are, but even more for the promoter of this space. Before this unfortunate incident happened, we already had plans within our union to launch an awareness campaign. This campaign, which will start next week, aims to make the promoters of drinking establishments aware of the respect of the rules governing the activity; but also on the management of its personnel, because the personnel has a very important role in the evolution or not of the activity », Explains Hervé Nana.

According to the national president of Syndebarcam, the promoters of drinking establishments should hold weekly meetings with the staff, in order to know the difficulties to which they are exposed and to provide solutions, while listening to customers, in order to to prevent such a dramatic incident.

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