The United States says it has no interest in militarily intervening in English-speaking regions

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In its press release titled "The United States has no interest in intervening in Cameroon", published on October 9, 2020, the United States Embassy in Cameroon commented on the information circulating in certain media, stating that the country of Donald Trump will intervene militarily on Cameroonian soil in the near future.

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Disagreeing with these allegations, the diplomatic representation writes: “The US Embassy categorically denies claims in recent fake news articles that US Ambassador to the United Nations Kelly Craft recently announced alleged US intentions regarding a possible military intervention in Cameroon. The United States has no such interest or intention. Ambassador Craft has not commented on Cameroon during the recent periods noted in these articles and has never stated or implied that the United States is considering military intervention of any kind in Cameroon. Ambassador Craft, along with other senior US officials, has at times raised concerns about humanitarian needs and human rights violations in Cameroon ”.

In the process, the press release specifies that contrary to what has been asserted in recent “fictitious” press articles, neither “The US Senate and the US Congress as a whole have not held a debate on any US intervention in Cameroon, nor taken any steps to approve it. While members of the US Senate presented a non-binding resolution on September 7 expressing concern over human rights violations in Cameroon and calling for an end to the violence, they did not call for intervention. Therefore, no decision awaits the approval of the President ”can we read. also learns from the same statement that no articles have been published by US news outlets to substantiate claims by "This false information". On the Anglophone crisis, as a friend and partner of Cameroon, "The position of the United States remains constant".

" We call the two parties to the conflict in the North West and South West to renounce all violence and engage in an open dialogue without preconditions ”, concludes the US ambassador to Cameroon.

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