Jean De Dieu Momo sends an open letter to Maurice Kamto

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In the context of the call for the departure of Paul Biya launched by the MRC and other opposition and civil society actors, the president of Paddec made public on the web on Friday October 9, 2020 an open letter to his fellow politician, Maurice Kamto about the marches launched to oust the current governing regime from Yaoundé.

Maurice Kamto and Jean De Dieu Momo - Mtg

The Minister Delegate to the Minister of Justice says that Maurice Kamto is not popular and cannot raise the Cameroonian people. " You have no strength of your own, Mr. Kamto. You also do not have the support of the Cameroonian people as a whole. Certainly a small group of anarchists who have distinguished themselves by unprecedented violence since 1960, supports you. They are however residual and geographically localizable with regard to the sociological component of our country. He writes. offers you the entire letter.

Open letter to Mr. Maurice Kamto, President of the MRC.

Mr. President and dear colleague, we have in the past, as leaders of our respective opposition political parties, tried to unite our forces to conquer power, once a one-on-one in this hotel in Douala Bonanjo and the other time in Yaoundé, in the presence of Mr. Hameni Mbielleu and Professor Alain Fogue. It is therefore the concern for the well-understood common interest for our country that obliges me to send you this open letter, given the violent positions of your political speeches since the last presidential election. But especially with regard to your propensity to invite the wolf in the fold of our garden of Eden. Of course, it is your right to take such and such a lawyer of your choice on such and such an occasion, but we know that your recent choices are the result of a desire to lobby for the help of a foreign power to install you in power. in Cameroon, not through the popular revolution that you tried in vain, but through the triggering of a foreign military invasion on the humanitarian pretext against our country, as happened in Libya.

You have no strength of your own, Mr. Kamto. You also do not have the support of the Cameroonian people as a whole. Certainly a small group of anarchists who have distinguished themselves by unprecedented violence since 1960, supports you. They are however residual and geographically localizable with regard to the sociological component of our country.

This letter is open because you have remained deaf to my last invitation to discuss, between responsible political leaders, worrying themes which underline our divergence of approach for the very happy construction of our country, namely your demand for modification ” consensual ”of the electoral code and that relating to the prior resolution of the crisis in the North-West and in the South-West before any future election.

We would have had this public debate to which I invited you that I would have reminded, with regard to the modification of the electoral code, that you are precisely among the actors who had presented it to the public, for having been at the heart of its drafting and of its adoption by the National Assembly, as Minister Delegate to the Minister of Justice, Keeper of the Seals. Indeed, the archives of this not so distant time show your involvement as an expert in public law issues and you can be seen in a photo with the then Minister of External Relations Mr. Henri Eyebe Ayissi and Mr. Jean Pierre Biyiti Bi Essam then Minister of Communication of the government of Prime Minister Inoni Ephraim, this on the occasion of the presentation of ELECAM and said electoral code (which has since undergone several relevant modifications) to our bilateral partners and multilateral organizations, praising our progress in terms of representative democracy.

As a reminder, it should be remembered that the current Prime Minister, Chief Doctor Dion Ngute, was then Minister Delegate to the Minister of External Relations in charge of cooperation with the Commonwealth, and as such patron of your wife in service in this ministerial department and herself Minister Plenipotentiary. You and your wife thus had the unprecedented privilege of serving together in government, so to speak. I understand that she did not resign like you from this advantageous position which also benefits you in terms of the privileges enjoyed by the personalities of high society.

Your demand today therefore appears as the complaints of a person who built a prison for others and who complains of having been the first to be locked there! In other words, the Election Code drawn up by you cannot be attacked by you by virtue of the rule Nemo Auditur propriam turpitudinem allegans (no one can claim his own turpitude).

Having said that, I believe in my humble opinion that you are giving this electoral code a bad impression. The secret and tactical truth in your heart is that you are pursuing a strategic voter engagement goal. It seems trivial to me. We have been together in this radical opposition and I know this technique well for mobilizing distracted, inattentive and politically inexperienced crowds. To be convinced of this, it suffices to note that this code allowed, both your political enterprise (MRC), and mine (PADDEC), to win the elections in the electoral competitions organized in 2013! It is the same code that allowed in 2020 the political parties of other political entrepreneurs such as the Honorable Member of Parliament Cabral Libii and Mayor Paul Eric Kingue, to occupy their current political functions with their local elected officials. Perfection is not of this world and there is no power except in the presidency of the Republic Mr. Kamto.

At this stage, I believe that it is dangerous for social cohesion to play politics in bad faith to lead the people into confusion by lies which distort the political and social reality of our country. We are not opposed to oppose any dear colleague President of the Mrc Renaissance.

Regarding the resolution of the crisis in the North-West and in the South-West, I have compiled below a number, not exhaustive, of the tangible achievements of the government to resolve this crisis and to lead our country with confidence. in peace. Any Cameroonian in good faith, concerned about the future of our nation and the happiness of our people should, failing to encourage these efforts or applaud them, at least keep silent and avoid exciting the populations to revolt or revolution as it seems to be in your projects.

I am convinced that no member of the international community, in good faith, can be surprised by your real hidden claims which fear the light of day, namely to inscribe yourself by breaking into the history books like the one who will have led Cameroon into a disastrous civil war and likely to lead to the liberalization of our country, failing that, its rwandardization.

The dangerous preparations for the revolution in which you are engaging risk compromising the efforts made by our government, with the generous support of bilateral and multilateral cooperation from the countries friendly to Cameroon and other international organizations, to build the regions devastated by the crisis, made of some irresponsible compatriots who broke bridges, destroyed public infrastructure, burned schools and homes of individuals, killed civilians and members of our security forces who came to the aid of these populations.

Criticizing these efforts or ignoring them altogether, as you are doing, is an unbearable insult to all those donor countries that allow us to rebuild what our lost children have destroyed in these regions.

The weakness of our budget does not allow us to build this country without the help of our partners and your behavior as well as the lies that your Western friends referred to above tell them in the lobbying campaign in the hushed lounges, where they have not the contradiction from which the truth springs, tends to discourage their generosity.

Here are some measures taken by the Head of State, His Excellency Paul Biya, in order to respond to the various demands linked to the crisis in the English-speaking regions of our country: Judge for yourselves their relevance.

- creation on January 23, 2017 of the National Commission for the Promotion of Bilingualism and Multiculturalism. -The institution is responsible, among other things, for monitoring and implementing the constitutional provisions requiring the use of both official languages ​​in all public and parapublic services, as well as in any body receiving state subsidies. The Commission also receives and handles all requests denouncing discrimination based on non-compliance with the provisions relating to bilingualism.

- creation by presidential decree n ° 2018/719 of November 30, 2018, of the National Committee for Disarmament, Demobilization and Reintegration - CNDDR - intended to allow those of our compatriots involved in armed violence against the Defense and Security Forces and the civilian populations of these two regions, to find the right path, so as to reintegrate into the normal order of our society.

The decision by the Head of State on December 14, 2018, to stop the prosecution of 289 people prosecuted before military courts and detained as a result for crimes committed in the context of the security crisis in the regions of Northwest and Southwest.

-The opening of a dialogue with the various stakeholders in the demands, namely, teachers' unions and a group of lawyers at the Cameroon Bar. Two committees have been set up with regard to the issues raised by the Teachers, and another committee has been created by the Prime Minister, Head of Government with regard to the issues raised by the Lawyers.

At the end of the talks with the teachers' unions, the President of the Republic has since provided the following responses to the demands expressed:

Special recruitment for science subjects of 1000 young bilingual teachers

- The establishment of a special fund in the amount of two billion CFA francs, to serve as a subsidy in favor of private lay and denominational educational establishments;

- Creation of an ad hoc committee dedicated specifically to the problems of English-speaking unions;

- Redeployment of teachers from the two education sub-systems according to their linguistic skills;

- Creation and organization of the École normale supérieure polytechnique within the University of Bamenda;

- Creation of new establishments in State Universities, in particular the departments of English Law in Maroua, Ngaoundéré, Douala, Dschang and departments of French Private Law within the Universities of Buea, Bamenda, as well as a department of modern letters French at the École normale supérieure of the University of Bamenda;

- Reorganization of ENAM by presidential decree to introduce the compulsory practice of bilingualism.

Regarding the claims made by the lawyers, the Head of State ordered the following measures:

- The publication of the English version of the OHADA treaty and other OHADA texts; It should be noted that these texts had already been published in French and English in the official journal of 1996 at the time of the demonstration by the English-speaking lawyers.

- Strengthening the number of magistrates and English-speaking teachers;

- The redeployment of judicial personnel according to the particularities between Civil Law and Common Law;

- The creation of a special Common Law Division within the Supreme Court, to hear appeals from jurisdictions established in the North-West and South-West Regions;

- The creation of a Common Law Division at ENAM;

- The creation of a Faculty of Legal and Political Sciences at the University of Buea;

- The recruitment of a greater number of English-speaking teachers in the Judicial and Registry Division of ENAM.

Alongside these measures intended to provide answers to the specific demands of teachers and lawyers, the President of the Republic has taken other more global initiatives, going in the direction of dialogue and a return to calm in the northern regions. west and south-west:

- The creation of the National Commission for the Promotion of Bilingualism and Multiculturalism (CNPBM), and the appointment of members of the CNPBM;

Stopping the proceedings then pending before the Yaoundé military court, against the named NKONGO Félix AGBOR, FONTEM AFORTEKA'A NEBA, Paul AYAH ABINE and other people arrested in connection with the violence that took place in the North-West regions and Southwest;

The launch of the emergency humanitarian assistance plan in the amount of more than 12 billion FCFA 716 million 500 intended to restore a living environment conducive to the flourishing and development of communities affected by terrorist violence in the regions North-West and South-West, to provide emergency humanitarian assistance to populations in distress, to ensure the socio-economic reintegration of people and communities victims of violence and forced to displacement, to rehabilitate destroyed infrastructure as a result of this violence, and in general to promote social cohesion and living together;

The establishment of a coordination center for humanitarian assistance in the North-West and South-West regions;

The Defense and Security Forces have also carried out civil-military actions for the benefit of the affected populations, in particular through the construction of water points, the administration of basic health care, the supply of school materials and the distribution. of food.

The President of the Republic, thanks to the restructuring of the Government of March 2, 2018, created a ministerial department under the name of the Ministry of Decentralization and Local Development.

Law n ° 2018/022 of December 11, 2018 on Cameroon's finance law for the 2019 financial year has given shape to this dynamic, by allocating a budget of more than 45 billion CFA francs to this ministerial department; the overriding objective being to increase the competences of decentralized territorial communities, to broaden the spectrum of their financial resources and to solve the problems of grassroots populations, in particular in the North-West and South-West regions.

The organization by the Head of State and the conduct of the work by the Prime Minister Head of Government of the Grand National Dialogue from September 30 to October 4, 2019.

At this stage it is easy to conclude effectively that those who are not satisfied by these efforts of the government have a hidden agenda and concealed in ambush words which hide the evils which this agenda carries.

Momo jean de Dieu

President of Paddec

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