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If you made a mistake in moving the My Documents, Pictures, Music, and Video libraries to another partition or disk.

Restore default library location

It is possible to restore the default locations of the folders found in Windows Explorer with a .bat file.

The procedure.

Save the .bat file (s).

Go to your download folder.

You can drag the .bat file to the desktop for convenience.

Run the .bat file with the left click.

The screen temporarily turns black when a command prompt (it's a small black window) opens and closes when Explorer is restarted to apply registry changes.

Restart the PC.

-Folder Documents

-Folder Pictures

-Folder Music

-Folder Videos

-Folder Downloads

-Folder Office

-Folder Favorites

-Folder Games

-Folder Contacts

-Folder Links

-Folder Search

-Folder Objects 3D


- Save the .bat file

- Run the .bat file

Move a library to another disk or partition

Before starting the operation, you must create the new Documents, Music, Photos and Videos folders on the second hard disk or on the desired partition.

Note: Be careful not to configure your libraries on an external hard drive, this would be problematic if the device is disconnected.

Open Windows File Explorer.

You see the view of your personal libraries with your Documents, Pictures, Music and Videos.


To move "Documents"

Right click on My Documents and choose Properties.

Open the Location tab and click on the Move button.

A window will open for you to choose the new folder.

You can change the name of this folder, but Windows may quickly rename it to “Documents”.

After selecting the folder, a confirmation message will be displayed.

Validate by Yes.

The My Documents folder disappears from its location and it is now on your desired partition or hard drive reserved for data.

Return to default settings

Go to the new location of your documents, for example D: Documents.

Right-click on this folder, Properties, Location tab and click the Defaults button.

Reply Yes to the confirmation request to see all files return to the original location,

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