"Cameroonians are satiated with fine words and fine French letters ..."

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In a column published on his Facebook page this Thursday, October 8, 2020, the filmmaker Jean-Pierre Bekolo took a stand on the quarrel between Professor Jacques Fame Ndongo and the eminent historian Achille Mbembe who calls for a mobilization of the diaspora to "liberate Cameroon". For Jean-Pierre Bekolo, Cameroon's evils must be unmasked and treated in order to save the country. He lets you know in this publication offered by Lebledparle.com.

Prof. Jacques Fame Ndongo & J.-P Bekolo (c) Lebledparle.com

The Call of Achilles

If the call of Achilles on “The Community of Captives” that we have all become asks Cameroonians of goodwill… to unite and to initiate, together, a vast international movement, whose sole objective would be to shine all the light in the world on the fate of the captives of our people. ” Cameroonians must learn to hear what is expected of them in a world that is now changing at high speed. To those who believe that the current stalemate is benefiting them, they should know that they will be the first to pay the price. No need to draw.

To those who say that Achille Mbembe insults us, in what way is saying that Cameroonians are captives an insult? Are we not captives of a fratricidal war in the NOSO? Are we not captives of tribalism? Captives of corruption? Captives in the 2018 presidential election? Captives of resourcefulness and survival? Those who are in denial of this captivity and who rely only on the “brutalism” of which Achilles speaks and who refuse to free themselves because they have a job, who have small privileges must know that the liberation of the Kamerunais people remains unfinished. How is Achille Mbembe's message who wishes us more freedom an insult? If someone says you are dirty, before going after them to start by looking at you ...

In launching this appeal, Achilles would like this country, his country, our country to be like those who fought so that we can enjoy it today. Let us stop fighting those who would like this country to improve. If you love your life and your country the way it is and you don't want any more improvement, why demobilize those who would like things to improve?

To the Minister Fame Ndongo who responds to Achille Mbembe presenting all his erudition of the language of Molière, Cameroonians are satisfied with beautiful words and beautiful French letters. Achilles tells you that your love affair with this people of “captives”, you the bulimic ruling elite of Ministers, Professors, DG, SG, Presidents, Deputies, Senators, Members of the Central Committee, PCA… you strong men in power of each department of Cameroon ... looks bad in the eyes of the world.

Cameroonians should themselves anticipate this call and wash dirty laundry as a family and avoid the shame of these glances cast in mondovision on our country. Let's stop “kop nie” (cover the shit) as said Lapiro de Mbanga. Don't we say back home that when you open it dries and when you cover it rots?

Open this country… let the shit dry, take Cameroon out of this place where the White left us with our struggles between brothers who occupy us so much… and let's move towards this place where other peoples go… at least pretend you strong men … Because others are watching you.

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