Carla Bruni: her rare confidences on the suicide of her best friend

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In May 2010, Francois Baudot was leaving this world, ending his life at the age of 60. While more than a decade has passed since his disappearance, the wound is still so deep for Carla Bruni-Sarkozy. In an interview with the magazine The Point, the former First Lady confided in the after-effects left by the sudden death of his best friend, godfather of his son Aurélien Enthoven. " When someone leaves this way, we tell ourselves that there is something that we have not seen and the questioning takes precedence over the rest. We must not forget that people are more fragile than you think.«

Not having perceived any suffering in Francois Baudot, despite their proximity, Carla Bruni-Sarkozy learned the lessons. " Everyone is not like themselves, and even themselves, we can suddenly fall apart. There is no merit in being structured, there is a lot of luck", Now considers the interpreter of Someone told me. This mourning, the wife of Nicolas Sarkozy had exorcised her for the first time in 2013, dedicating the title Darling from his album Little French Songs à Francois Baudot. A tribute to their friendship. " This song is called Darling because that's how François nicknamed me“, Said the artist in the columns of Nouvel Observateur. " It was also the first word of the letter he left me before leaving. When he died, I lay prostrate for days and days. I felt guilty for not calling him, knowing he was going badly. (...) When a friend tells you 'don't want anything anymore', you have to hear it.«

His brother, this other mourning

The life of Carla Bruni-Sarkozy was marked by mourning. Because, before saying goodbye suddenly to François Baudot, she was facing the death of his brother, Virginio Bruni-Tedeschi. In 2006, the latter died of AIDS. A disappearance that Giulia's mom do not forget, frequently paying tribute to her brother on her social networks, a man she does not speak much about, and who made her aware of the fight against sexually transmitted disease.

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