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Discreet and innovative, Carole Mbessa Elongo, Cameroonian entrepreneur, is a pool of skills that has become the breviary of all those who would like to invest in Cameroon. The main pages of her academic life were written at the Conservatoire National des Arts et des Métiers and at the University of Nantes in France where she graduated in business and administration management.

Mobilizing, creative, familiar with the collective field, this "role model" who did not wait for the fallout of chance, but chose her destiny, has only one fault: she never counts her efforts. A single obsession: to promote the flow of business by promoting companies and their partners. This superwoman in the true sense has worked as general secretary in the Cameroonian subsidiaries of renowned companies, in particular at the Belgian financial group of banks and insurance KBC Holding SA and OZTÜRK Holding before being since 2015 Deputy Director at Business facilities corporation.

With her good knowledge of new technologies and her extensive professional experience in Commerce and Management (more than 20 years), she decides to create a company to facilitate relations between companies and partners and especially to benefit African firms, the opportunities and advantages offered by the digital economy. Convinced that her company plays an essential role in ecosystems for the dynamism of the economy and local life, this respected and influential strategist who left a strong imprint by organizing in 2019 the very popular `` Cameroon Business Forum '', - platform for exchanges between the government and the private sector for the improvement of the business climate -, brings a fresh look to write a new chapter of the African digital economy by launching the “Visit My Business” platform to reduce costs operation of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises by putting them in contact with the various economic players.

To give a good boost and a special flavor to this pretty bouquet of young companies that she supports on a daily basis, Carole Mbessa Elongo - who masters the corridors of the digital economy and all the codes -, deploys all her energy sometimes at the cost of its sleep to draw the attention of businessmen to the urgent need for African economic integration. A vast ambition that blushes with enthusiasm the one who, since September 2020, is the only woman member of the board of directors of the National Superior Polytechnic School of Yaoundé.


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